Monday, March 26, 2012

Cricut -Paper Pieced Cat

      The Art philosophy Cricut Cartridge is truly amazing! It may have 700 images, but the possibilities with those 700 is endless!  The cat evolved from the Bunny box that is on an earlier post. It is super easy to make. The cricut does everything for you. And dont you just love the little collar? Waiting for the right rub-on or something to put on it. I can see alot more critters coming soon. This was made from the same pattern as my Cricut Bunny...Which you can also find a card and a pillow box inspiration here on my blog..Lots of paper piecing goodness!                             


                                            Cricut Kitty
Cat is 9" tall

Cutting sizes for Wesley and Hunny Bunny are
on my other blog too click HERE

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