Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Show Announcement!

Been wondering where I've been? These last 3 months I have been
a vendor at some really amazing craft shows selling my hand painted
Yard Art.


Join me on Saturday Dec 1st, for the Merry Main Street in Frisco, Tx
event and holiday tree lighting. It is spectacular! I will be a vendor
right on Main street. The show starts at 5pm and goes till 9pm.


Here is a preview of the items I will have for sale..

Sizes range from 72"-78" tall

Extra Cute Snowman and his pal Ruddie


If you purchase one of my painted items,
They have been sealed 3 times on the front, and the back is painted
twice with outdoor paint. No guarantee is made after they leave
my workshop against warping or finish. Everyone stores their stuff
different. Mine have lasted for many many years because I take care of it. I do not put it in front of a sprinkler head, And I do not put it
away damp from rain. If it is going to rain for a day or two or three,
I bring my yard art back inside, or cover it with a large clear plastic
bag. Do not store it in a leaning position. Store it upright, or lay it flat.
Use commons sense-This is an art piece. Treat it as such and it will last
a long time.
All my items are sealed with Liquitex Gloss Varnish, available at
Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the artist section.


  1. Wow! These are amazing, you are multi-talented!

  2. do you still sell these? I love the snowman with the raindeer

  3. Do you have anything like the snow fairy/princess ballerina from the Nutcracker? Or maybe Sugarplum Fairies?
    Steph B.

  4. Do you still sell these? I'm very interested in the Nutcrackers!

  5. Please tell me you still sell the nutcrackers!

  6. I would like to buy some nutcrackers from you. Even if it is too late for this year--I will buy them whenever you get them done next year. Can you please email me? Thanks, Mary

  7. Hi. do you sell the patterns.. I noticed there are lots of people asking .... or how bout do you sell the finished products. I'm interested.. Please reply... I don't see that you are maintaining this website at all. Thanks

  8. I am extremely interested in purchasing. Please contact me

  9. Interested in nutcrackers.. please contact me as soon as possible !!!!

  10. Interested in nutcrackers...please contact me at