Saturday, December 15, 2012


Here is a new addition to the Candy Cane Toppers.
This is my little Elf I created using the Cricut Artiste!
Super easy to do too!  I am Working on a printable
sheet like the other toppers, but I will go ahead and
post the cutting sizes so anyone wanting to make these
can get started.

**Go to the Template Tab and you will find printable
    direction sheet.

ELF Jumbo Candy Cane Topper

All supplies used are CTMH unless otherwise
Cardstock- Parchment,Holiday Red, Autumn Terracota, Sunflower, Black,White Daisy, Indian Corn Blue
Cricut Artiste Cartridge, Jumbo Candy Cane, Glitter.

Head (Pg 79 - 3D shape ornament  cut at 5")
         Parchment CS
Ears  ( Pg 54 - "F" accent 4  cut at 3/4" x2) 
         Parchment CS
Nose ( Pg 36 - "6" accent 2 cut at 1" ) Parchment CS
Hair  (Pg 70 - "Happy Birthday accent 4, cut at 
         1-1/4") x3 -Autumn Terracota CS
Hat   ( Pg 61 - "Z" Shift, 3D Object, cut at 14")
         Holiday Red CS
Hat Brim ( Pg 70 - "Happy Birthday" accent 4.
               cut at 1-1/4") White Daisy CS
Eyes ( 1" punch, then cut in half-Parchment,
        Cut 2, White Daisy, 3/4 circle Indian corn 
        blue x2, 1/2" circle Black x2.
After all pieces are cut, begin accenting the edges with ink pads to get the shading you like. I used HollyHock Ink to create the cheeks and nose colors.
Attach the nose ( I bumped it up a bit), then assemble the eyes and attach just behind the nose. Dry fit the hair around the face before attaching the white brim.
You will need to trim the brim (cupcake liner) so it doesnt look so much like a sailor hat. I cut the angle off.
Then attach your ears, and then fold the red hat and attach behind the brim.
Glitter the Santa hat and attach the bell( I used the Marvy Bell Punch).
And lastly put the twinkle in his eye, and draw the mouth and inside of ears, and eyebrows.
Attach to candy cane with a super glue dot.

Also I took him a little bit further and created the whole body for this cute little fellow!
His body was also made with the Artiste Cartridge, even the boots and the furry cuffs (cupcake shape cut at 1-1/4")
except for his arms and legs, which were cut using the
Art Philosophy (long skinny oval).
His little green outfit was cut at 5" with the shield shape.




  1. Are you kidding me......this is just amazing! You are truly an artist when you can take generic shapes and come up with this, as well as, all of the other shapes you have created. cute is he!

  2. How clever are you!! I love this project-- thank you for the great instructions!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing project. I'm not sure I will be able to do it justice but I'm sure going to try. I know my grandkids will love them. Thanks again.