Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cricut Artiste Project Tutorial


Happy Birthday to me! Depressing as it is-Today is an "O" year
Today. Im not going to say which one **sniff sniff**
And..since Im ALWAYS on some sort of a diet, I made a completely
fat free "forever" cake made out of paper. But isnt it
 I created it with the new

Artiste Cricut Collection.

 It is simply amazing what you can do with this new
  • Cut box (3D option) at 8" real dial size from Chocolate CS.  
  • Cut box lid at 4-1/4" (3D option) White CS.                         
  • Cut rose or flower choice at 5"                                               
  •   Cut scallop oval for sides on cake slice at 3-3/4" (cut in 1/2)    
  • Cut leaves at 1-1/2 "
  • Cut bottom Doily at 11-1/2" set matt to 24" to cut  
Assemble box with adhesive, then assemble the lid, but don't
glue the back together, snip the end side tabs off at an angle
as shown. Then secure the lid to the back of the box with glue.
This will give the cake box a clean look without the scallops on
the side. If you want the scallops, then you will need to cut
the box lid to 4-1/2" instead.
Next make your flowers and secure them to the top of the lid
along with the leaves. This will enable you to open and
shut the lid of the box and act as a knob. Then cut the
oval scallop a little more than in half and glue onto the sides of
the cake slice on both sides.
Stamp sentiment from the Artiste Collection onto 1-1/2" circles
and layer with coordinating circle and secure to back of
Cut Large doily for whole cake to sit on.

Zero Calories, Zero Fat!

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catalog and the cutting pieces to make your
own Cake Slice Box.





  1. How did you know the correct sizes to get the box and lid to fit correctly together? I am working in Cricut Craftroom and have no clue

    1. From What I was told, you cut the box part first, then
      you cut the lid and leave it at the same size, and it should
      fit.The Artiste knows.
      Just dont cut the lid first.